Internal Blade Inspection

Top-notch right to the tip

With our RE-VIS system (REETEC Vertical Inspection System) we developed a safe inspection and assessment method of almost 100% of the interior all the way to the tip of the rotor blade. Conventional inspection procedures presented challenging working conditions for three service technicians in a confined space – in addition, the blade tip was not accessible and the process as a whole was very time-consuming. Again, there will be a damage assessment, coupled with suggestions for restoration measures.

Laser-assisted video camera

  • Use of a high-resolution video camera with rotatable swivel head and integrated surveying laser
  • Complete video recording and freeze frames with laser-supported position indication – all within 4 hours per system
  • Almost independent of weather influences

Your added value at a glance

  • Significantly improved quality of inspection right down to the tip of the blade
  • Safe inspection without working in a confined space
  • Occupational safety risks reduced to a minimum
  • Possibility to measure damage dimensions
  • Highest degree of accuracy in data collection
  • Smaller team size compared to rope access technology
  • Minimised production loss due to limited system downtime

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