Rotor Blade & Tower Services

A top performer in high winds: The rotor blade

Rotor blades are exposed to rain, frost and lightning or sea air throughout their entire lifespan – so they need care. Our Rotor Blade Services range from inspection, repair and maintenance to cleaning and surface protection. All these measures not only extend the service life but also significantly increase the yields of your wind turbine.

Our repair service portfolio

We offer reliable, standardised or manufacturer-specified solutions for the repair of rotor blades using rope access technology or rotor blade service platforms. On-site restorations have the great advantage that transport logistics are unnecessary and downtimes minimised at the same time.

Your added value at a glance

  • Detailed repair reports, including a description of the corrective measures taken
  • Repair of major damage on the ground locally or under controlled conditions in our fully equipped rotor blade repair hall
  • Lightning protection system repair

Rotor blade inspections

Our complete package for the inspection of rotor blades combines data acquisition with reconditioning and evaluation in a detailed report. We combine the resulting expert analysis of all damages with suggestions for repair and maintenance measures, which can be carried out by us directly on site or in our own rotor blade repair hall in Emden. Optimised processes and rapid execution – taking into account the highest occupational safety requirements – mean a concrete reduction in plant downtime for you without having to make any safety compromises.

Inspections with various systems according to requirements

  • Motorised, computer-controlled HD camera recording
  • Rotor blade service platform or rope access technology, supported by camera shots at close range – so we can check the lightning protection system right down to the foundation at the same time
  • Binoculars as part of regular plant inspections
  • Internal blade inspection with laser-assisted RE-VIS video camera

Your added value at a glance

  • Reduced production loss due to limited system downtime
  • Time and cost savings through optimised and speedy execution
  • Efficient repair proposals, based on our in-house expertise in composite materials
  • Individual inspection for Due Diligence

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